Platinum Palladium Workshop 2005

at Inversnaid Photography Centre Scotland

Sponsored by Linhof & Studio, Lotus and Bergger

Tutored by Tillman Crane

Participants included Marianne Chapman, Barry Wilkinson, Liz Johnson,Laurence Sutherland and Simon Pickard

Learning the process...

Coating the paper with a glass rod

Drying the coated paper and exposing to UV light in printing frames

Developing out the print

Some of the results

Liz Johnson- From Eric's sheds series

Liz Johnson- Window

Liz Johnson- Victorian Conservatory

Simon Pickard

Studio fireplace- Barry Wilkinson

Inversnaid fruitbowl- Laurence Sutherland

Lake of Menteith Church- Marianne Chapman

Inversnaid Lodge Bothy- Barry Wilkinson

Marianne Chapman- Inversnaid Lodge Garden

Lectern- Church of Menteith

Misty view from Lodge- Simon Pickard